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Stumbling is not falling and we can't get up!

Community Evolution Begins and Ends with Mental Toughness


Poverty is all around us and we will not turn away from it! Everyone has a right to achieve his/her inherent potential. They cannot when they are constrained by the context of circumstances in which they find themselves.

As urgent as possible, actions, resources, and policies of noticeable impact need to be measurable and provide our existing and future residents with Quality Mental and Physical Health, Public Safety, and Economic Empowerment.

Partnerships/collaborations with the leaders who make a difference and the neighborhood residents advisory are Critical to Implement Strategies.

We, the residents of under-served neighborhoods are declaring Community Evolution, not only remaining in our declining neighborhoods but not giving up the fight to create a thriving community to be desired to be a resident. Will you join forces?

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Sleepwalking through life means you are going about your day unconsciously. Meaning you’re in zombie mode and you mistake it for how life is supposed to be. You’re not aware of who you are or how you fit into the big picture of life. You don’t know what your purpose is. You’re likely just reacting to life instead of creating the life you want.

You may have had moments of realization and awakening, but found yourself lost in the daily grind. Here are signs you are sleepwalking through life. At the end of this list I will share with you some tips on how to wake up and stay awake.

  1. You spend your day reacting

  2. You’re “putting out fires” all day

  3. You don’t have time to do what you want

  4. You can’t seem to find quiet time to breathe

  5. Your wake up, go to work, eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed

  6. You are ignorant or apathetic about bigger issues in the world

  7. You eat without thinking about what you are eating

  8. You treat your body like shit

  9. You don’t make time for you

  10. Your thoughts about other people are often judgmental

  11. You feel hopeless and disempowered

  12. You don’t feel in control of your own life

  13. You believe in the American Dream

  14. Your natural state is anxiety, fear, and worry

  15. You get your adventure and thrills through television

  16. You spend more time conversing about TV shows and sports than real life

  17. You look at celebrities and athletes as your role model for success

  18. You haven’t read a book in at least a year

  19. Your internet usage mostly consists of Facebook, Weather, and News

  20. Your emotional state is tied to the success of your local sports teams

  21. You lack a clear direction in life

  22. Your goals are mostly financial and material

  23. Your goals are “someday” type goals that never actually get accomplished

  24. You think it’s a waste of time thinking about the big picture of life

  25. You feel that stress and unease are just normal parts of everyday life

  26. You believe that just working harder is the key to success

  27. You believe that authority figures decide your fate, not you

  28. You repeat the same patterns of activities every day without awareness

  29. You depend on caffeine, alcohol, or other drugs to cope with your pain

  30. You habitually look to buy a products to solve your problems

  31. You shop because it makes you feel better

  32. You frequently gripe or complain about other people or circumstances

  33. You do things because you “should” not because you want to

  34. You tend to be busy but not productive

  35. You hate getting out of bed in the morning because it’s another dreadful day

  36. You have more opinions about pop culture than world issues

  37. You worry about falling behind with fashion trends

  38. You are mostly unaware of how your thoughts and emotions affect your life

  39. You feel uncomfortable being alone with your own thoughts

  40. You endlessly scroll through Facebook or social media without awareness

  41. You are convinced that sometime in the future you’ll be happy-Jeff Finley

Contact Hand-N-Hand Community Services Foundation, Inc.

Get in touch with Hand-N-Hand Community Services Foundation, Inc. to learn more about our work and how you can get involved. This is the remains of Central Academy High School, the first accredited high school in the county of Putnam, Florida. It is also the first accredited high school for the Indigenous people, the so called Black people, in the state of Florida. Although it is listed in the National Registry as an Historic Site, strategies to restore or renovate it has not been included in the comprehensive plans of the city. The citizens has been impacted by this school in the form of choices to achieve their inherent potential as well as increased options for their lives. We should ask ourselves where we would be had Central Academy High School never existed and we should act in accordance for not only this structure but we should set missions to improve neighborhoods with thriving elements!

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