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A Bit About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Here at Hand-N-Hand Community Services Foundation, Inc., we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. There are so many beautiful elements one witness while growing up in rural, small towns. Exploring the creeks, woods, and walking the seems to be endless dirt roads and railroad tracks with family and friends are fond experiences and memories only we understand and will never forget! The down side is very painful when you and your family are living in a shell with four walls that are thin as paper with countless holes and stains of rodent feces. The ceiling has water stains from rain and patches which are replaced from down pour after down pour. The constant faulty plumbing causes the occupants to haul pales of water hopefully from a  nearby water pump for bathing, washing garments and other items, and cooking. Just imagine the state of their sewer system! Yes, people are still living in these conditions. When one's living conditions are a struggle, how are they expected to function in society: work, school, etc... Even those of us facing fewer harsh living conditions and challenges, still can not be expected to soundly function in society. Such families and individuals are guarding secrets of home environments unfit for human occupancy. Children develop dysfunctional behaviors carried into their adult lives. Hiding the fact that living in dwellings without designated rooms nor furniture, prevented you from being a student in school. There are people whose early childhood was filled with most family members who abused alcohol and/or drugs and although their living conditions may have been better with designated rooms and furniture, their parent(s) did not provide or was unaware the resources required to be students in school. Rural and small towns do not have community centers nor public transportation. So if someone does know their personal development needs, their backs are still up against the wall! The home conditions and  mental and emotional levels of stability are major factors of whether or not a person has the capacity to become someone equipped with capabilities. Exposure also plays an important part of one's personal development. Many young adults fail the ASVAB Test, so the military is not an option. Museums, Planetariums, and countless other places which will spark the wonder factors in our minds does not exist in Small towns and the local schools' budgets does not include field trips. Our location is approx. 2-4 hours drive to The Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa, FL and NASA, Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, FL. How many people in our area do you think have visited at least one of those places? How about the Planetarium in Jacksonville, FL which is less than a 2 hours drive away? The problem is two-fold, for our people: The shame and state of their living conditions and the sickness too many adults carry and are unaware of the dangerous effects, and the lack of resources and tools being near us to accomplish our goals. We at Hand-N-Hand Community Services Foundation are providing and seeking added resources to break generational poverty in Rural and Small towns. Just imagine what we can achieve together!